Thursday, July 2, 2009

2nd July'09 MGMAT 2 - 690 (Q47, V37)

It's an improvement over my last sorry score, yes. But that's because this time I didn't mismanage my time on the QA section unlike the last time. Hence the 7 point improvement in the QA score. But verbal hasn't nudged an inch further, in fact it's down by one point.

I also forgot to mention that the test date is 3rd of August. Which is exactly a month away from today. MGMAT is annoyingly difficult and thus the scores often end up distorting the real level of preparedness. The next test will be a PowerPrep one, and I will not dillydally and write it within the next 6 days. hopefully on the 5th day from today. i.e on the 7th.

Made a few silly mistakes in QA that I am aware of. More after I analyse the test.

In the next test, even if the QA remains in the same sorry range of 47-49, the VA score must rise to the occassion and touch 40 atleast.

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