Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tatvam Asi

Name: Axat
Purpose of this Blog: For logging my GMAT preparation errors, and sundry.
Why can't I just maintain a notebook? Because I practice in buses and trains, and while waiting in ques, and I was access to this log without having to carry a notebook. Also because I want others to benefit from my error-log too. Wise men learn from other's mistakes, a fool from his own.

Target B Schools (in order of preference) :
  1. HBS
  2. Kellogg/Stanford
  3. Yale/INSEAD
  4. Cornell/Columbia
  5. LBS/Said
  6. If I can't cough up the moolah, then apna desi ISB

I'll apply to 5.

I am a 24 year old Indian male, with a bachelors in commerce from DU with abysmal academics and dazzling extra curricular activities. I have 3 years of workex in the Energy industry.

Oh, and I love her.

That's WAY more than you need to know.

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