Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10th June'09 MGMAT 1 - 650(Q40,V38)

Sigh. Heartbroken.
Screwed up the time management in the math section, which was much tougher than the GMAT Prep.
I had to guess on the last 6 questions in QA.
Verbal is fairly closely aligned with the GMAT Prep, found a lot of it easy. The CRs were tricky.
But I am sad about VA because my score hasn't improved since the last test. It's the 11th today, I will write the next MGMAT test on the 17th, and spend these 6 days preparing for it.
My target for the next test is Q - 50, V- 44.
I will do an indepth analysis of this test tomorrow.

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