Friday, July 31, 2009

GMat Prep 1(2nd attempt) 31st July'2009 750(Q50,V42)

I am NOT happy. I would have been happy had I got a 780 in this one. There were 18 familiar questions in QA, and 6 in VA.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

MGMAT 5 30th July'2009 760(Q51, V 42)

I crossed the 50 mark for the first time ever. That too in a MGMAT. This one did seem a lot easier than the others though. May be it is meant to be so. I only pray and hope that I can replicate this performance on the 4th day from now.
Fingers crossed, down on my knees, praying.

GMAT Prep 2 26th July'09 710(Q47, V40)

I was heart broken after this one. Made atleast 4 silly errors in Maths, and in verbal it was all about whittling the choices down to 2, then choosing the wrong ones.
But notice, I said I WAS heartbroken. Then today I wrote the MGMAT 5.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MGMAT4 21st July'09 730(Q48, V41)

I screwed up the timing in QA, otherwise I could have touched 49. In VA I am slowly inching towards my final target of 44. I wish someone bothered to calculate a correlation between MGMAT scores and the real GMAT scores. If I were a Worksheet Champ/Number Cruncher, I would have churned such data out myself.
Kaplan 800 is a great book for SC and CR, I have already seen a marked improvement in my accuracy. My RC performance seems to have a mind of its own, one some days it's through the roof on the others it's downright humiliating.
I want fine tune my arsenal now. Need to finish the RC bit in Kaplan 800, and practice loads from the OGs and take lots of set tests.

I will take the next on the 24th.

PowerPrep 1 - 12th July'09 760(Q51, V 43)

I made one error in QA, and around 8 in VA. The test was so easy it seemed unrealistic, plus some questions seemed familiar even. I can't deny the fact that the numbers looked very good on the screen.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7th July'09 MGMAT 3 700(Q46, V39)

Finally some improvement in the VA. I owe it to Kaplan 800, I think. Mismanaged time in the QA section again, and got lots of probability, Sets and Coordinate Geometry questions. None of the topics I am good at. Will analyse this later tonight. Next test on the 11th. Probably a PowerPrep one.
Percentile in QA has moved from 61 - 81 - 79.
Percentile in VA has moved from 85-83-89.
Total percentile moved from 84-91-93.
Over the 3 MGMATs i.e.

More later.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

2nd July'09 MGMAT 2 - 690 (Q47, V37)

It's an improvement over my last sorry score, yes. But that's because this time I didn't mismanage my time on the QA section unlike the last time. Hence the 7 point improvement in the QA score. But verbal hasn't nudged an inch further, in fact it's down by one point.

I also forgot to mention that the test date is 3rd of August. Which is exactly a month away from today. MGMAT is annoyingly difficult and thus the scores often end up distorting the real level of preparedness. The next test will be a PowerPrep one, and I will not dillydally and write it within the next 6 days. hopefully on the 5th day from today. i.e on the 7th.

Made a few silly mistakes in QA that I am aware of. More after I analyse the test.

In the next test, even if the QA remains in the same sorry range of 47-49, the VA score must rise to the occassion and touch 40 atleast.